Successful Application for a new free special school, Bloxham Grove Academy

We are delighted that planning permission has now been approved. There were some additional caveats to the planning linked to ensuring the road network, and particularly Bloxham Grove Road is developed to be sufficient for new vehicles and its current usage.

Whilst receiving the planning permission is an exciting development, there is still a significant period of time until the school will open. The current forecast from Galliford Try, who are managing the build project, is that the building will be completed by December 2021, with an expected opening date of January 2022.

We expect to give an update on possible admissions, and publish the approved Admission Policy for Bloxham Grove on this website by March 2020. In the meantime we are looking into potential options and locations for pre-opening groups of pupils, who may be able to be educated at other locations, prior to the building being ready. We cannot offer any guarantees of this as successful planning of this will require the agreement of several partners including the local authority and local schools or academies.